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Animal Feed Additive 60% Humic Acid Water Soluble Beeswax Powder
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Product: Views:117Animal Feed Additive 60% Humic Acid Water Soluble Beeswax Powder 
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Sodium Humate
Sodium humate has the prominent property to absorb toxins,which decide this product is naturally an important feed additive to poultry and fish , It also can be applied in a great number of fields,such as in the removal of toxic metals from wastewater or as a mud adjuster in oil drilling.
pecifications for Humic Acid

Appearance  Black Powder
Water Solubility (dry basis)  95.0%min
Humic Acid (dry basis)  70.0%min
Total trace elements 3.0%min
Moisture  15.0%max
pH 9.0-11.0 
Sieve residue (0.5mm) 5.0%max 

Functions & Benefits :

1) Poultry feed additive: Sodium humate can stabilize of intestinal flora Fix micro-organisms, toxins and harmful substance in animal feed, in order to promote growth and stimulate the immune system.
Also can form a kind of protecting film on the mucosa cells of the intestine. This protection reduces the absorption of toxic substances, as they may occur as a follow-up from infectious processes or from residues from animal feed in the intestinal tract.It also has the distinct property to absorb toxins from proteins, toxic residues and various heavy metals.

  Chicken's food is the most important factor in the growth process. The traditional farm chicken feeding through to add hormones and antibiotics to ensure no illness in its growth process. However, the best way is to add 100% natural organic feed additives, reduce the outbreak and infection of the disease, improve the ability of the chicken's own disease resistance.

Sodium Humate not only can use on agriculture as organic fertilizer,but also can used as feed additive.It is extracted from high grade leonardite which can improve livestocks' immune resistibility.

2) Industry use: Sodium humate can be used for removing toxic metals and their ions from wastewater.

Sodium humate can be applied as an adjunct in dissolved air flotation cells to assist in the removal of trace amounts of grease, oil, liquid organics and suspended matter.
They should be considered as a special coagulant aid to be used in conjunction with water soluble polymeric flocculants for removal of soluble organics.

They can also be used as potential fluid loss additives in certain types of organic liquids to prevent seepage from lagoons or pit containment areas.


1) Feed additive: For poultry: Chickens, geese, ducks, fish and turkeys, mix 5-6g of this product per kilo of feed.
2) Industrial use: according to the specific working condition.

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